Variables on Both Sides of a Simple Equation

Investigate the process of solving linear equations with variables on both sides with a video that demonstrates a simple example that requires the variables to be manipulated to one side of the equation. The second example is more complex and requires combining of like terms before using inverse operations.

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CCSS: Adaptable
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Instructional Ideas

  • Create a set of practice problems for pupils to practice after watching the video
  • Have learners justify each step of solving the equation using properties
Classroom Considerations

  • Learners should already have a strong grasp on solving one- and two-step equations

  • The two examples illustrate the difference between combining like terms on one side of an equation and using inverse operations to combine terms on opposite sides of an equation

  • The second example may be overly complex for your class; it is a big jump from the simplicity of the first example
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