Help your learners exercise healthy eating habits with a series of activities about vegetables. Kids learn about common vegetables with songs, matching games, flashcards, and crafts. 

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Instructional Ideas

  • Pair with a unit about your class garden, or during a healthy eating lesson
  • Use the activities as stations for kids to rotate through in small groups or partners
  • Have kids share about the kinds of vegetables that they like to eat, or that they regularly eat at home
  • Encourage your class to keep a journal of their eating habits to record how many servings of vegetables they eat during the week
Classroom Considerations

  • The lesson has a list of additional materials you will need, including real or plastic vegetables, enough plates and utensils for each of the kids in your class, and a CD player
  • Designed for English learners, but helpful for learners of all levels

  • Fun and engaging for all learners
  • Encourages both healthy eating habits and a strong vocabulary
  • Resource includes links to auxiliary materials, such as songs and worksheets

  • None