Lesson Plan

Vending Machine Bans Increase in Schools Nationwide

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Does a ban on vending machines infringe on student rights, or do school officials have an obligation to monitor foods sold on school grounds? Your class members will explore the educational, health, and financial issues related to vending machines on school campuses. Informational texts include facts on nutrition and obesity, how vending contracts and fundraising work, and the rising tide of vending machine bans in schools nationwide. Learners will conclude by writing persuasive essays stating their opinions on the issue.

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CCSS: Adaptable
  • Includes informational text for instructor and class members
  • Relevant and engaging topic
  • Offers suggestions for how to scaffold reading and utilize included worksheets
  • Teacher will need to develop instructional plan and design activities to teach material
  • Learners should be equipped with skills to develop a persuasive essay in order to complete assessment