Vocabulary Morphemic Elements: Affix Action

Make a game out of word parts with the materials included here. Pupils work in pairs to advance along the board. One partner reads a sentence from a card, and the other identifies the correct affix that fits with a word in that sentence.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Laminate the game board and pieces so that you can continue to use these materials for years to come
  • When the provided sentences get repetitive, come up with your own new sentences (or have kids write some)
Classroom Considerations
  • The lesson procedures list peer evaluation as the final task, but do not elaborate on how to conduct the peer evaluation
  • Make sure to clarify to pupils that they should not read the final word on the cards out loud, as these are the answers
  • Answers are provided on the cards so that partners can easily confirm one another's responses
  • Comes with a board game, as well as sentence cards
  • The instructions clearly describe how to play the game
  • None
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