Vocabulary Morphemic Elements: Build-A-Word

An affix plus a base word equals what? A new word! Invite your class members to discover words using affixes and base words. Learners then write sentences using the real words that they put together.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Allow pupils to work with partners to increase collaboration, and decrease the number of boards and cards you have to make
  • Laminate the cards and boards for longer use
  • When you want to introduce new or different words, use these materials as a template
Classroom Considerations
  • Learners will need to have some prior knowledge about affixes and base words to complete the activity; however, there is some exploration and flexibility built in
  • Comes with three root word boards and twelve affixes to provided for students
  • Learners are required to interact with word parts in a hands-on way and practice using these words in the context of complete sentences
  • None