War and Civilization: Crash Course World History 205

Can war be an indication of a growing civilization? Crash Course World History explores the ways that wealth and power work together to form and defend empires throughout the history of mankind.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Include as a resource during a research project about the development of civilizations
  • Have class members watch the video at home and come to class with discussion questions ready
  • Create a flowchart about the relationships between wealth, military force, and state power
  • Present an argumentative writing prompt for learners to respond to regarding the video's contentions about the differences between empires and imperialistic states, and whether or not there are any current examples of either
Classroom Considerations
  • Contains cultural references to Vladamir Putin as well as Game of Thrones; while knowledge of either isn't vital for understanding, it may help with engagement to explain these references
  • Comment section is open to the public and is full of opinions about the current political climate
  • Best used with the previous video in the series about war and human nature
  • Promotes critical thinking about an issue that seems black and white, but really isn't
  • Funny comments and asides keep viewers engaged
  • None