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Weather Graph Data

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Teaching young mathematicians about collecting and analyzing data allows for a variety of fun and engaging activities. Here, children observe the weather every day for a month, recording their observations in the form of a bar graph. When they are done, the class discusses the data they collected, answering questions and comparing the number of days each type of weather was observed. The emphasis of the activity is on building the academic language of children as they learn to interpret data. Coordinate this math lesson series with a science unit on weather, enriching student learning with cross-curricular connections between the two subjects.

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CCSS: Designed
NGSS: Adaptable
  • Activity provides a meaningful context for collecting and interpreting data
  • Lesson includes sample sentence frames to use as support during class discussions about weather data
  • Offers suggestions for differentiating the lesson to meet the language needs of all learners
  • Teacher must create a graphic organizer or worksheet for recording weather observations
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