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What Are the Effects of Opioid Addiction on Young People?

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Are schools doing enough to address the opioid crisis in America? One school, Hope Academy in Indianapolis, focuses its entire curriculum on recovery from substance abuse. A nine-minute video from PBS documents the school's efforts to help its recovering students reshape their lives and move past addiction.

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CCSS: Adaptable
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Instructional Ideas
  • Have class members write an argument essay for or against opening a school like Hope Academy in their area
  • Use the discussion questions as writing prompts after learners watch the video
  • Flip the lesson by assigning the video for homework and encouraging learners to note five interesting details to bring to class the next day
Classroom Considerations
  • To pause or rewind, download the video for access to the slider, as the browser does not have one
  • Video discusses sensitive topics such as teen drug addiction and eating disorders
  • End of the video describes an upcoming analysis about a poll that indicates Americans believe President Trump has not addressed the opioid crisis; finish the video early if you don't want to discuss the topic in class, or fold it into your lesson as a potential debate
  • Includes insightful discussion questions, as well as auxiliary links
  • Addresses drug addiction in the teen population, which is more relatable and more relevant to members of a high school class
  • Video indicates that it has closed captions, but they are not available