What Happens Next?

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While your students may not be psychics, that doesn't mean they can't predict what will happen next in a story. To hone this important reading comprehension skill, young learners read a series of three short passages before writing a sentence or two describing what they think will happen next. A simple yet effective exercise for upper elementary readers.

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas

  • Assign this practice exercise as homework during a language arts lesson series on making predictions and inferences
  • Have students discuss their predictions with partners or in small groups, and require them to support their ideas with evidence from the passages
  • Extend learning by asking children to write their own short scenes; then, read them as a group and make predictions about what might happen next
Classroom Considerations

  • An example is not provided on the worksheet, so be sure to model the thought process involved in making a prediction before having the class complete this worksheet

  • Ample space is provided for children to record their responses
  • Reading passages clearly lend themselves to making predictions
  • An answer key is included with the worksheet

  • None