What Is a Simile?

This What Is a Simile? worksheet also includes:

As fun as a barrel of monkeys, this figurative language worksheet will engage your students in learning to write similes. Asking them to first think of adjectives describing the six nouns listed on the page, this exercise has young writers use these noun-adjective pairs to describe objects of their choosing.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Include this worksheet as an in-class or homework assignment during an upper-elementary figurative language lesson series
  • Extend the activity by having children create an illustration to represent their favorite simile
  • Either in small groups, or as a whole class allow children to share the similes they come up with

  • This open-ended exercise encourages student creativity
  • A brief description of similes with multiple examples is offered at the top of the worksheet
  • An answer key is provided with possible student responses

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