Why Is Poop Brown And Pee Yellow?

We all do it ... why not have a better understanding of the process? Life science scholars discover how the colorful foods we eat are either brown or yellow when our bodies have finished with them. The narrator leads the tour through the excretory system, discussing each organ's role and the enzymes at work.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Add the video to your excretory system unit to help answer some of the most common questions learners have
  • For advanced classes, ask what happens when one of the major organs, such as liver or kidneys, fails; have class members research or use prior knowledge to predict the outcome
Classroom Considerations

  • If you have not yet covered the circulatory system, take a moment to describe the types and functions of blood cells

  • The video is lighthearted and keeps pupils amused and focused
  • Animations help explain the complex process of extracting nutrients from food

  • None
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