Women Of Jamestown Lesson Plan

To better understand the role women played in early 17th century US history, class members examine the National Women's History Museum's online exhibit, Building the New World: the Women of Jamestown Settlement. After studying the 11 sections of the exhibit, individuals craft a dialogue between a woman who lived in Jamestown and a woman today.

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CCSS: Adaptable
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Instructional Ideas

  • If all class members have computer and Internet access, flip the lesson and have individuals visit the exhibit out of class before returning for discussion
  • Ask pupils to keep Cornell-style notes as they read through the exhibit, recording key ideas and new vocabulary (headrights, indentured servants, bondswoman, primogeniture, etc.)
Classroom Considerations

  • Requires individual access to a computer with Internet connection
  • If Internet access to the exhibit is not possible, instructors can print the CyberExhibit; however, the packet is very large and the cost of printing copies may be prohibitive
  • Presumes pupils know the history of the Jamestown settlement; however, background information is provided for a quick review

  • A side bar permits viewers to jump to a specific section of the exhibit
  • The 11 sections in the 21-page resource provides information on all aspects of the lives of the women in the Jamestown settlement
  • A link to the dialogue assignment is included

  • No rubric is provided for the writing assignment