Women's History Month | All About the Holidays

A quick and engaging video features the origins of Women's History Month. Details start with its humble beginnings in Sonoma, California to its nationwide growth by way of the National Women's History Project. 

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Instructional Ideas

  • Assign an essay that answers the video's final question
  • Flip your classroom—direct pupils to watch the video at home to prepare themselves for a learning activity when they return to class
  • Create a Women's History Month-themed bulletin board that highlights the women mentioned in the movie 
Classroom Considerations

  • Women's History Month takes place in March 
  • Have headphones available if class members view the video independently 

  • Clickable links make for easy sharing of the video 
  • The video provides a substantial amount of information in a small amount of time  
  • The page suggests related videos 

  • None