X-Circuit Fitness

This X-Circuit Fitness activity & project also includes:

Get the class fit and have them participate in x-circuit fitness with six stations. Groups move from station to station in the correct directional path in two minutes completing each desired activity. Choose activities that are appropriate for the class such as pushups, lunges, burpees, curls, jumping jacks, plank, and high knees to name a few.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Set up the equipment circuits before the class enters the gym or outdoor area
  • Show the class the video before having them complete the activity, or use it as a reference for
  • Model how to complete each activity in the circuit, focusing on appropriate technique and form
Classroom Considerations

  • Can be used with large and small groups
  • Review the PE equipment ahead of time
  • Consider allowing more than two minutes to rotate through the circuit
  • Stress the importance of proper form versus speed of doing the activities

  • Video shows the set-up and movement of the circuits
  • Provides examples of what activities to use

  • None