Your 4th Amendment Rights

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Americans love to learn about their rights, especially those that protect them from the government's power to invade their privacy. Young people are especially engaged by this topic. An informative lesson explores four Supreme Court cases related to the question of search and seizure in schools. Scholars explore the field by focusing on issues of direct relevance to their lives. 

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Use as a group activity in which scholars study a Supreme Court case and summarize their findings for the rest of the class
  • Assign the lesson as independent practice for pupils to check their understanding of the Fourth Amendment
Classroom Considerations
  • One part of six lessons in a Landmark Supreme Court cases series
  • Geared toward higher reading levels

  • Calls out key terms and links them to a glossary of definitions
  • Quiz is a fairly simple, but effective, four-question review of the cases in the lesson
  • Breaks down each landmark case into clearly marked sections to help scholars better understand the ruling and its importance
  • Font is small and difficult to read, and navigation is confusing in places
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