Oceans: Seashells on the Seashore


Students explore the ocean, fish, and seashells. In this oceans lesson, students listen to a story about the ocean, learn a finger play, paint, sort seashells, and practice estimation.

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Visual Arts
2 hrs
Gretchen Hibbs, Karen Morgan, Michelle Talerico

Investigations into Estimations

Students gain the powerful tools of estimation, prediction, and averaging and discover the importance these tools have in daily living.

Medicine from the Ocean

If you are looking for Internet research ideas for your life science class, here's one that focuses on a fascinating topic: the ocean as a resource for medicine. Researchers use the web to explore marine organisms that provide medicine components, marine-related careers, and coral reefs. A series of worksheets guides them to predetermined websites and keeps them on-task with comprehension questions.

Introduction to Oceans

Students complete a variety of activities in preparation for a unit on oceans. They discuss their own proximity to the ocean, identify and name the oceans on a globe, and in small groups identify facts about a selected ocean. Students listen to the book "Wonders of the Sea," and create a collage.

Ocean Lesson Plans

In this lesson plans about oceans worksheet, teachers learn the unit objective and the procedures for teaching about the world's oceans.

Oceans of the World

Second graders demonstrate their ability to find the five oceans on a globe and on a world map and relate their knowledge of mountains and other physical characteristics of land masses to the physical characteristics of the ocean floor.


Learners read books, say rhymes, sing songs, review vocabulary and complete activities for the ocean. In this ocean lesson plan, students complete a shark tooth hunt, and a sea shell sort.


Students explore seashells through various activities. In this oceanology lesson, students demonstrate knowledge of seashells and their properties by creating a dot-to-dot picture, reading books about seashells and creating seashell prints by using paint. There is also a seashell song included with this lesson.

Grocery Store Technology

Third graders identify uses of technology in community & how it's changed the ways we work/play, respond to teacher-guided technology scenarios using familiar occupations such as cashier and teller, and regroup/round/estimate single & double digit numbers.

Grocery Store Technology

Third graders discuss how the technology of cashiering in a grocery store has changed. Students identify how technology is use in a community and how it has change our lives. Students estimate, add and round a list of prices of grocery story items, and discuss today's technology and how it works it terms of cashiering.

Explorations in Estimation

Experimenting with two different techniques, oung mathematicians estimate how many little things fit into a bigger thing. They watch and discuss a short video, conduct the two estimates, one by weight and one by volume, and record the results on a worksheet.

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