Unit Plan

Amazing Birds

What's so amazing about birds? Find out just how amazing birds are with a physics of animal behavior unit created by Cornell Lab of Ornithology. Have learners explore and tap into their observational skills and notice how birds fly, what they eat, the sounds they make, where they live, and more. 

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Instructional Ideas
  • Hang a bird feeder outside your window so class members can constantly observe bird activity
  • Copy the 18-page student packet, and have each learner glue the sheets in their science journals 
Classroom Considerations
  • Some of the student sheets are best printed in color, but printing in black and white will not affect the quality
  • Lessons can be used separate or together
  • The unit is composed of nine lessons and intended to last roughly eight weeks
  • Comes with audio and video clips intended to accompany each lesson
  • A very thorough and robust unit covering a variety of life and physical science topics
  • None