Global Problem Solvers: Season 1 - Working Well

Collector: Ann V.

Global Problem Solvers: Season 1 - Working Well series introduces viewers to a group of master problem-solvers, each with their unique strengths. Using their individual strengths, team members work together to overcome the obstacles of fixing aging water wells and rectifying the critical water shortage that jeopardizes the village of Malawi. The Global Problem Solvers put their heads together and use technology to upgrade Malawi’s system of wells so that villagers can get fresh drinking water. Scholars observe the power of perseverance and an entrepreneurial spirit in problem-solving and overcoming obstacles, watch as the team visits a local institute to get assistance in upgrading Malawi's wells, and observe the outcome of the Global Problem Solver's quest to fix Malawi's aging water wells.

6th - 12th Social & Emotional Learning, Career & Technical Education 60 Views 21 Saves