'Tis The Season!

Collector: Alex H.

Every season brings joy and pleasure in its own way. Winter is the coldest season and often brings snowfall to different parts of the world. People keep warm by the fire and wrap themselves in scarves and coats. The trees are bare and lifeless, while the days are short. Spring is rejuvenating. Snow begins to melt while flowering plants and trees begin to bloom. People trade their scarves and coats for rain jackets. Summer is the warmest season with the longest days. School is out and people head to the beach in their bathing suits. Plants are thriving and enjoying the sun's rays. As autumn arrives, crops are harvested and trees begin to shed their leaves, but not before displaying beautiful colors of orange, yellow, red, and brown. The temperatures become cooler and animals prepare for winter's cold. Use this collection to observe and explore the reason for the seasons.

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