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Language and Creativity Video
Language and Creativity
Ancient Egypt | What Everyday Life Was Actually Like Video
Ancient Egypt | What Everyday Life Was...
Algebra 50 - Three Variable Systems in the Real World - Problem 2 Video
Algebra 50 - Three Variable Systems in the...
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Lesson Planet

Crash Course: Media Literacy

For Students 8th - 12th Standards
Viewers take a Crash Course in Media Literacy. They watch 12 videos that take them through media history, the positive and negative effects of media, and regulations and policies affecting media producers. The series aims to help viewers...
Lesson Planet

Country's Music

For Students 6th - 12th Standards
Jazz, Blue Grass, Hip Hop, Swing. Gospel, R&B, Ragtime, Disco. So many music genres born in the USA. After reading an article about the fate of New Orlean's Jazz after Hurricane Katrina, class members investigate the life cycles of...
Lesson Planet

Up Close: Ella Fitzgerald

For Students 5th - 7th Standards
A reading of Tanya Lee Stones' biography of Ella Fitzgerald lets middle schoolers get up close and personal with the First Lady of Jazz. Stone recounts details of Fitzgerald's life from her early days through her experiences as a teenage...
Lesson Planet

Black History Month Report

For Students 9th - 12th Standards
As part of Black History Month, class members investigate in depth the life and work of an African American musician.
Lesson Planet

Our Story: Duke Ellington and Jazz

For Students K - 4th
Get parents or guardians into the swing of things with a jazzy homework assignment. A detailed six-page guide provides before, during, and after reading suggestions for Duke Ellington: The Piano Prince and His Orchestra, Andrea Davis...
1 In 1 Collection 9:55
Lesson Planet

History of Media Literacy Part 2: Crash Course Media Literacy #3

For Students 8th - 12th Standards
How did radio and television impact media literacy? Explore the rise of protectionism using a video, part of a Crash Course media literacy series. Scholars discover the social, moral, and political sides of media analysis and criticism.
Lesson Planet

Latino Expression

For Teachers 9th - 12th Standards
How much of your daily life is influenced by Latin American music? Take a listen—the answer may surprise you! High schoolers keep a journal to note any instances they see Latino culture represented, including the media, their school, and...
Lesson Planet

American Sabor: Word Search #1

For Students 2nd - 8th
Find la guitarra and el charango with a short and straightforward word search focused on Latin American music. Learners check through a list of popular instruments and dances before delving into the puzzle.
Lesson Planet

Let's Explore!

For Teachers 6th - 12th Standards
Explore the world through music with two lessons that bring focus to four composers—Gabriela Lena Frank, Ludwig Van Beethoven, Bedrř˘ich Smetana, and Mason Bates. After listening to musical pieces and viewing informative videos, scholars...
Lesson Planet

Musical Time Travel

For Students 4th - 5th Standards
Young musicians learn more about the greats with a straightforward activity on historical composers. As they click through a navigation guide, they choose a musical time period and a composer from that period before taking a short quiz.
Lesson Planet

Jazz Musicians

For Students 6th - 12th
Ten informative videos make up a series hosted by Wynton Marsalis designed to share the musical triumphs of jazz musicians Scott Joplin, Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, and more! 
1 In 1 Collection 2:00
Lesson Planet

Women of Music

For Students 3rd - 6th Standards
There were a lot of firsts for women in music. From being the first to sing and write about birth control to speaking out about issues of their time, female singers represent a voice that had not been heard by many before. Young viewers...
Lesson Planet

I Made It. I Own It. Please Don't Steal It.

For Teachers 3rd - 4th Standards
Explore the world of copyright law with a variety of activities to instill the importance of respecting creative property. Scholars watch an animated tale then take part in a grand conversation detailing the video's main idea, details,...
Lesson Planet

Saw Player

For Teachers 3rd - 12th
Formal instruments are not the only tools that can play beautiful music. Check out this video of Natalia Paruz; she plays music with an actual tool, the saw.
Lesson Planet


For Teachers 6th - 12th
Tune your ears and eyes into this video of guitarist Ricky Rios. The daily life of a musician is more chaotic than you may think! Watch this video to learn why.
Lesson Planet

Lessons for Hight School Music Classes: Lesson 1

For Teachers 9th - 12th
The phrase, "You sold out" has been thrown around among musicians that have lent their talents to the corporate world. Here, the class engages in an interesting discussion on how musicians make a living and the influence of commercialism...
Lesson Planet

David Archuleta

For Students 6th - 12th
With a spare 10 minutes older students can enjoy answering trivia. This quiz explores the life and work of musician, David Archuleta. This could be paired with a engaging challenge to do internet research in order to answer all the...
Lesson Planet

Angus Young: Master of the Guitar

For Students 7th - 12th
Angus Young was the lead guitarist of AC/DC. Quiz your students' knowledge of this great musician with 10 multiple-choice questions. Note: You can print this out, or have your class take the quiz online. Answers are provided after...
Lesson Planet

The Amazing Joan Armatrading

For Students 7th - 12th
Joan Armatrading may be an unfamiliar name in your classroom, but after some research, your class will find that she is an amazing musician. Use this worksheet to test their new-found knowledge. There are 10 multiple-choice questions in...
Lesson Planet

Gary Allan

For Students 9th - 12th
Test pupils' knowledge of Gary Allan, a famous musician, in your classroom. There are 10 multiple-choice questions. This quiz can be taken online or printed out.
Lesson Planet

Paula Abdul

For Students 5th - 8th
Does your class know who Paula Abdul is? Use this quiz to find out! There are 10 multiple-choice questions on this worksheet. Note: Print it out, or have pupils take the quiz online. Once answers are submitted, the right answers will...
Lesson Planet


For Teachers 2nd - 8th
Students explore the connection between music and culture. In this Spanish music lesson, students label maps to show the Spanish speaking countries. Students study Spanish musicians, label where they live on the maps and write a report...
Lesson Planet

Bessie Smith

For Students 8th - 12th
In this online interactive history quiz instructional activity, students respond to 41 multiple choice questions about the accomplishments of musician Bessie Smith. Students may submit their answers to be scored.
Lesson Planet

Louisiana's Legendary Musicians

For Teachers 4th - 8th
Students identify and interpret what legendary traditional musicians of Louisiana that allows them to hear new genres of traditional music. They also identify what it means to be a legendary artist and read, write, and create a project...