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7 resources with the keyterm muscular strength

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Phonics Song 2 (new version) Video
Phonics Song 2 (new version)
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How Computers Work: What Makes a Computer,...
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Lesson Planet

Muscular Strength and Muscular Endurance - Abdominal Circuit

For Teachers 3rd - 12th
Here are seven abdominal exercises that can be done in three and a half minutes. This is not a full-fledged lesson but seven well-described exercises to improve strength and endurance in the abdominal muscles. Each one is done for 30...
Lesson Planet

Fitness Components

For Teachers 9th - Higher Ed
From cardiovascular endurance and muscular strength to body composition, discover the primary components of fitness, as well as what factors affect them and examples of how we see these fitness components in sports today. While based on...
Lesson Planet

Fitness with a Jump Stick

For Teachers 1st
First graders engage in activities enhancing muscular strength endurance, and flexibility. In this fitness lesson, 1st graders participate in a game of Freeze Tag. Additionally, students participate in five segments of activities...
Lesson Planet

Macarena Push Ups

For Teachers 3rd - 5th
Students increase muscular strength and endurance by learning the dance steps and movements that correspond to the song "Macarena" and practice until they are able to do the dance correctly, thus improving their workout progress.
Lesson Planet

"UNO" Fitness

For Teachers 3rd - 5th
Learners increase cardiovascular fitness and muscular strength. "UNO" cards are used. Each card is matched up with an exercise.
Lesson Planet

Assessing My Fitness Level (Being the Best I Can Be)

For Teachers 9th - 12th
Young scholars analyze the five components of physical fitness: cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, and body composition. They monitor heart rates, calculate target heart ranges, and assess...
Lesson Planet

Who Wants To Be A Fitnessaire? Closer

For Teachers 3rd - 5th
Students enjoy a review game to measure their knowledge about physical activity and the various components of fitness.