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Three-Dimensional Coordinates and the Right-Hand Rule Video
Three-Dimensional Coordinates and the...
Defining Gravity Video
Defining Gravity
Prepositional Phrases for Kids | English Grammar Video Video
Prepositional Phrases for Kids | English...
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Center for Civic Education: Black History Month

For Teachers 6th - 12th Standards
Six lesson plans in the Black History Month collection introduce middle and high schoolers to nonviolent actions as a means to resist oppression and encourage reform. Lessons look at the Children’s March, music, and citizenship schools...
8 Items in Collection
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Civil Rights and Martin Luther King Jr. Worksheets

For Students 3rd - 8th Standards
Expand a celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King's birthday as well as Black Hstory Month with a collection of eight worksheets that include biographical questions about Dr. Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks, word searches and word...
7 Items in Collection
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Medieval Times

For Teachers 6th - 8th Standards
Delve into the times of knights, feudalism, the Black Death, and royal courts with a collection of resources for the middle ages. It includes lessons, project ideas, and helpful materials for augmenting your world history unit.
5 Items in Collection
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Teaching Nonviolent Direct Action through Children’s Literature

For Teachers K - 5th Standards
A five-part lesson collection introduces young learners to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s principles of  Non-violent Direct Action. Through children's literature, photographs, first-person narratives, and songs. as well as links to...
21 Items in Collection
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C-SPAN Classroom: Middle School Civics

For Parents 6th - 8th
Introduce middle schoolers to the roles and powers of the three branches of the United States government, with the 21 resources in the C-SPAN Civics collection. Sorted into the legislative branch, the executive branch, and the judicial...
Lesson Planet

Black History Month

For Teachers K - 6th Standards
Enhance Black History Month with a twenty-page resource designed to boost scholars' knowledge of the great accomplishments made by African Americans. Learners take in fun facts about famous inventors such as George Washington Carver and...
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10 Ideas for Teaching Black History Month

For Teachers K - 12th Standards
Celebrate Black History Month with the help of 10 ideas that delve deep into the history, major events, contributions, famous African Americans, and sheds light on how scholars today can take a proactive stance on current civil rights...
1 In 1 Collection
Lesson Planet

Black History Month - Past to Present, Grades 4-6

For Teachers 4th - 6th
Students complete a unit on Black History Month. They explore various websites, develop a diagram of the Underground Railroad, create a postage stamp for an African American, and develop a resume for an African American scientist.
1 In 1 Collection
Lesson Planet

Black History Rap

For Teachers 3rd - 12th
Students write a rap or hip-hop lyric about the life of a famous Black American. They explore famous Black Americans in history and explore how the rap form compares to other forms of poetic expression.
Lesson Planet

Black History Month Report

For Students 9th - 12th Standards
As part of Black History Month, class members investigate in depth the life and work of an African American musician.
Lesson Planet

February: Black History Month

For Teachers 1st - 9th
Students embrace, celebrate and study why February is Black History Month. They assess who Carter G. Woodson is and how the month long celebration evolved in the United States. Each student interacts with history, music, literature and...
1 In 1 Collection
Lesson Planet

Black History Month Project: A Dinner Party

For Teachers 5th - 8th Standards
What would Frederick Douglass say to Martin Luther King, Jr. if he had the chance? Would Harriet Tubman have any comments for Rosa Parks if they sat across the table from each other? Pupils bring history to life by researching famous...
1 In 1 Collection
Lesson Planet

PBS Lessons for Black History Month

For Teachers K - 12th
Explore US history with your charges by providing age-appropriate Black History Month activities. (Five options are provided with this resource.) Read biographies of Martin Luther King, Jr., Langston Hughes, Rosa Parks and other...
Lesson Planet

Black History Month: Celebrating Diversity and Progress

For Teachers 4th - 8th
Black History Month is a time to recognize the achievements of our civil rights heroes while looking toward the future with a vision of equality for all.
1 In 1 Collection
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Black History Month: Key Events

For Teachers 6th - 8th
Showcase the key events in black history that lead to and resulted from a shift in civil rights and moral consciousness. Beginning with the induction of the Tuskegee Airmen in 1945 and marking every major event through the retirement of...
Lesson Planet

The Negro Leagues: The People, Places and Experiences of Black Baseball

For Teachers 4th - 6th Standards
Get out of the classroom and go for a walk, all while teaching students about the Negro baseball leagues of the early and mid-1900s. Based on a Walking Classroom podcast, this lesson explores the widespread impact of segregation on...
Lesson Planet

Black History Month | All About the Holidays

For Students K - 5th
Kick off a celebration of Black History Month with a quick video. The narrator shares the history of the holiday and sheds light on famous African Americans such as Frederick Douglas, Harriet Tubman, George Washington Carver, and more! 
Lesson Planet

Build a Black History Database/Timeline

For Teachers K - 12th
Students research famous people and events in Black History then break the biographies and events down into specific information related to dates in history. They
Lesson Planet

Black History Lesson Plan: Gwendolyn Brooks

For Students 1st - 3rd Standards
Learn more about the work of Gwendolyn Brooks with a language arts lesson. Young learners read an informational passage about the acclaimed poet before attempting a shape poem of their own.
1 In 1 Collection
Lesson Planet

My Mask, My Voice

For Teachers 4th - 6th
Recognize Black History Month with an examination of the African diaspora and a hands-on mask-making project. Learners first view and discuss images of artwork before creating their own plaster masks.
2 In 2 Collections
Lesson Planet

Celebrating African American/Black Leaders in History: Their Religions and Their Legacy

For Teachers 6th - 12th Standards
Kick start Black History Month with a fantastic resource that blends a study of prominent African American leaders in history with information on different religions. Beginning with a brainstorm and then leading into a collaborative...
Lesson Planet

Creative Writing Unit: Analyzing, Interpreting, Discussing and Writing Various Genres of African-American Literature

For Teachers 10th - 12th
A six-week unit takes high schoolers through various works of African-American literature, including poems, plays, and short stories. The lesson plan format includes a week-by-week description of activities, goals, materials, and...
1 In 1 Collection
Lesson Planet

Celebrating Black History Month

For Students 4th - 8th Standards
After examining the accomplishments of George Crum, Ella Fitzgerald, James Baldwin, and Ernie Davis, class members conduct research, compare their lives and accomplishments, and then select from a menu of projects to share their...
Lesson Planet

Black History Month 2008

For Teachers 8th - 10th
A list of prominent African-Americans and their accomplishments makes up this presentation on Black History Month. Leaders in sports, the arts, science, and entertaining will help viewers connect with the voluminous contributions of the...

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