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33 reviewed resources for marine corps

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Lesson Planet

Marine Corps Word Search

For Students 8th - Higher Ed
For this Marine Corps word search, students identify approximately 40 words and acronyms dealing with the Marines. Topics include names of wars fought, Marine slogans, and names of Marine bases. There are approximately 40 words listed...
Lesson Planet

Doors Open for Female Marines

For Students 9th - 12th
What do your kids think about female Marines? They can explore this idea by reading the related New York Times article and by answering each of the seven comprehension questions. A learner-driven blog is located at the bottom of the...
Lesson Planet

The Corps: Counterattack Quiz

For Students 9th - 12th
Chronicling the events following America's involvement in WWII, this quiz centers on the historical fiction novel Counterattack from W.E.B. Griffin's The Corps series. Ten multiple-choice questions focus mainly on characters from the story.
Lesson Planet

WWII: The Pacific 1939-45 – Iwo Jima

For Students 9th - 12th Standards
Of the images that have permeated history to define American courage, perseverance, and patriotism, the 1945 photograph of United States Marines raising the flag at Iwo Jima is one of the most well known. After researching the pivotal...
Lesson Planet

Tye Dye Jellyfish

For Teachers Pre-K - 2nd
Students investigate Ocean life by participating in an arts and crafts project.  In this oceanography lesson, students discuss sea creatures, specifically jellyfish.  Students are given coffee filters, markers, wax paper and wiggle eyes...
Lesson Planet

Protecting Philippine Reefs

For Teachers 4th - Higher Ed
Learners watch a slide show about the Philippine Reefs to explore the topic of fish populations. In this reef and fish population lesson, students watch a slide show about fish populations and how the Peace Corps works with Filipinos to...
Lesson Planet

Caissons, Anchors, and Semper Fi: The Roles of the United States Military

For Teachers 10th - Higher Ed
Students work in groups to research one of the branches of the military: the Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, or Navy. They find information about the date of origin, original purpose, purpose today, location and nature of its...
Lesson Planet

Life of an Astronaut

For Students 4th - 8th Standards
Veteran orbiter, Gerald P. Carr, relates his experience as an astronaut in this worthwhile video. He is never pictured, but creative animations support his personal narration. Include this little treat with your lesson on space...
Lesson Planet

Memorandum Regarding the Enlistment of Navajo Indians

For Teachers 6th - 12th
Students examine the Navajo dictionary used by the U.S. military in W.W. II. They role-play Navajo messengers and Marine Corp staff. They research the Battle of Iwo Jima and confirm or discount the claim that Navajos made the victory...
Lesson Planet

America on the Home-Front during WWII

For Teachers 10th - 11th
Here are 35 images ready to complement your next lecture on the Home-Front during WWII. While there isn't any text in this presentation, it won't matter. Each image is a great representation of what life was like for the people back...
Lesson Planet

Funny Fish Fractions

For Students 2nd - 3rd
In this fraction worksheet, students circle the fraction that shows what part of each of 4 sets of sea creatures is shaded. They fill in the fraction that names the portion of the set that is shaded in the last 4 sets.
Lesson Planet

Number 3

For Students Pre-K
In this counting to 3 worksheet, students count and color the sea creatures in each of 6 sets. Students circle the one set that has 3 objects.
Lesson Planet

Ocean Fractions - Parts of a Set

For Students 2nd - 3rd
In this fraction worksheet, students circle the fraction that shows which part of each part of 4 items is shaded. They examine the sets which are made up of clip art pictures of sea creatures. They write the fraction that shows the part...
Lesson Planet

Famous Quotes and Mottos

For Teachers 8th - 12th
Students read about the accomplishments of John Paul Jones and the Continental Marines. They explore famous quotes and mottos, i.e. "Semper Fidelis." Students discuss other quotes or mottos by famous people in history. They discuss...
1 In 1 Collection
Lesson Planet

Navajo Code Talkers

For Teachers 4th - 8th
An engaging instructional activity focuses on the contributions of the Navajo people during World War II. Learners read the book Navajo Code Talkers by Andrew Santella, answer a series of comprehension questions about the text, and write...
Lesson Planet

Navajo Code Talkers

For Students 4th - 6th
Navajo Code Talkers can be used as a class reading project. If you are thinking of reading this book with your class, you may want to consider using these worksheets. They are designed to help with character analysis, reader response,...
Lesson Planet

Women in the Military

For Teachers 7th - 12th Standards
Scholars analyze the role of women in the military in United States history. Using group research, debate, and diary entries, they explore various military activity in America. To complete the lesson, young historians write an essay...
Lesson Planet

Washington D.C.

For Teachers 3rd - 5th
Students research monuments in Washington, D.C. In this geography lesson, students research one monument and use the Internet to gather information. Students create a three-dimensional model of their monument.
Lesson Planet

Washington, D.C.

For Students 4th - 5th
In this Washington, D.C. instructional activity, students complete 6 pages of readings and questions about Washington, D.C. Included are general facts, geography, monuments, history, economy and people. There is a short text and 6...
Lesson Planet


For Students Higher Ed
As a review of appositives, this learning exercise could be an easy-to-use resource. it is a one-page activity with a list of definitions involving appositives, and 6 relative questions.
Lesson Planet

Vietnam War Gallery Worksheet

For Students 10th
In this World History worksheet, 10th graders examine various photos during a gallery walk.  Students write answers to the questions. 
Lesson Planet

Social Effects of WWII

For Teachers 5th
Fifth graders study the social effects of World War II on America. In this WWII effects lesson, 5th graders read paragraphs about the history of World War II. Students watch a video about the period and formulate questions for Veterans...
Lesson Planet

Catapult Unit

For Teachers 9th - 12th
Students understand the need for carefully defining the problem before searching for a solution. They understand the need for carefully defining the problem before searching for a solution. Students compare a variety of catapults and the...
Lesson Planet

Capitalization and Punctuation Worksheet 2

For Students 7th - 10th
In this grammar worksheet, students correct the punctuation and capitalization errors in fifteen sentences. Students check their answers when their done.

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