Unit Plan

2020 Protests: Is There Anything New about the 2020 Protests?

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This 2020 Protests: Is There Anything New about the 2020 Protests? unit plan also includes:

Are marches and protests an effective form of resistance? That is the question high schoolers seek to answer in this inquiry lesson as they compare the 2020 protests to historical ones. Researchers use Venn Diagrams to compare images from a historical Civil Rights event to the BLM protests. After discussing their findings with class members, each participant develops a claim and provides evidence to support their assertion about whether there is anything new about the 2020 protests.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Whether new to inquiry or an experienced pro, read carefully the teaching suggestions provided before each of the eight instruction blocks
  • Use the lesson early in the school year to introduce learners to inquiry or during February's Black History Month
Classroom Considerations
  • Although designed for remote learning, the lesson is also appropriate for in-person instruction
  • A projection device is needed for the images
  • Both formative and summative performance tasks are included
  • The lesson is carefully scaffolded and rich in detail
  • A list of possible civil rights protests to investigate is included
  • None