A Novel Study Unit for The Cay

This A Novel Study Unit for The Cay unit also includes:

Novelly written questions are perfect for a novel study guide unit on The Cay. The well-rounded resource contains an anticipation guide for scholars to complete before reading, a variety of questions per chapter of the book, and a post reading response and test. Many of the questions align to end-of-course exams and lend themselves to class discussions, individual practice, or flipped settings. The site also comes with recommended activities for the text, information about coral reefs, and helpful links to reliable research resources for inquiry-based lessons. 

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Have writers include textual evidence to support their responses to the discussion questions 
  • Teach the text as a literature circle
Classroom Considerations
  • Print out discussion questions for learners that do not have access to technology 
  • Each chapter contains leveled questions according to Bloom's Taxonomy
  • Online format allows for absent middle schoolers to have access to all materials
  • Link to outside site does not work and resource does not specify SOP-Q format for post-reading response
  • Final test is posted online for all to access at any point within the unit