A Selection of Stories from The Æsop for Children

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This A Selection of Stories from The Æsop for Children ebook also includes:

Read and incorporate a variety of Aesop's Fables into a fable genre study with an eBook produced by the Library of Congress. The interactive eBook contains 146 fables written by Aesop and includes colorful interactive illustrations by Milo Winter. The opportunities are endless with this resource!

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Create an anchor chart listing the elements of a fable
  • Compare and contrast themes, characters, moral lessons, and settings amongst selected fables
  • Research who Aesop was, where he was from, and other life events to provide class members with background information on the author
  • Generate comprehension question sets to go along with the stories, and assign pupils to read and complete the sets for homework or classwork
  • Use the fables to teach about and provide examples of personification
Classroom Considerations
  • Best used throughout a unit study on fables
  • Some fables are better suited for older readers, while others are more appropriate for younger readers. Choose appropriate fables based on audience and grade level
  • Requires Internet access
  • Comes with a table of contents for easy navigation to a selected fable
  • Illustrations vary from color to interactive and video allowing readers to engage more with the stories
  • Each story states the moral lesson at the end
  • None