Acing Math

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Deal me in! Elementary and middle school classes will love this selection of math games, all involving a deck of cards. From fractions to exponents to rounding up and down, the games cover such a variety of skills that your classroom will be the most educational and entertaining casino around!

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Instructional Ideas
  • Send home some of the games for learners to practice with parents
  • Laminate instructions for older groups to consult
  • Use the games in a math center or resource class
  • See if groups can come up with their own math games using a deck of cards
Classroom Considerations
  • You'll need enough decks of cards for pairs or groups, depending on the games you assign
  • Addresses important core skills in an engaging way
  • Games are easy to teach, learn, and play
  • Table of contents helps you organize the games according to your curriculum
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