Amusement of the Future

This Amusement of the Future unit also includes:

Take your class on the ride of their lives! Physical science scholars get an in-depth look at potential and kinetic energies in an amusement park-themed unit. Students research, design, and promote their own amusement parks, complete with rides and attractions. The lesson also contains resources that guide working groups into creating their parks with a focus on reducing environmental impact.

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CCSS: Designed
NGSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas

  • Use the essential questions provided in the lesson plan to spot check understanding
  • Encourage teams to explore their options when it comes to marketing their amusement park ideas and pick the method they are most comfortable with
Classroom Considerations

  • Prepare materials for activities well in advance of beginning the unit
  • Learners should have prior knowledge of linear distance measurement, conducting online research, and summarizing evidence from a variety of sources

  • Teacher's guide includes pacing, rubrics, printables, and links to video resources for the entire unit
  • The unit provides ample opportunities to assess both individual performance and collaboration skills

  • Carbon footprint calculator resources section contains broken link and links to slideshows with no calculator