Aquifer in a Cup

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Young scientists create their very own aquifers in this science lesson on ground water. After learning about how some people get their drinking water from underground wells, young learners use sand, modeling clay, and aquarium rocks to create models of aquifers in clear plastic cups. A couple drops of food coloring serve to demonstrate how pollutants on the Earth's surface seep down and contaminate the water in the aquifer. 

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Instructional Ideas
  • This resource would make an excellent addition to an earth science unit on water, or as a stand-alone Earth Day activity in elementary classrooms
  • Offers a recommendation for fitting this activity into a science unit on water
  • Includes comprehensive, step-by-step instructions for creating a model of an aquifer
  • Younger children may need additional help with assembling the aquifer model
  • Aquifer model requires the purchase of materials not typically found in the classroom