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Are You Game? A Lesson Connecting Fractions and Probability

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This Are You Game? A Lesson Connecting Fractions and Probability unit plan also includes:

Exactly how fair are the board games children grow up playing? Young mathematicians investigate this questions as they work their way through this five-lesson series on basic probability. 

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CCSS: Adaptable
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Instructional Ideas
  • Allow children to work with a partner or in small groups when developing their own board games
  • After the board games are finished, set aside a day for the class to play each others' games
  • Use the "Anecdotal Record" sheet to take notes about student learning during these lessons
  • Laminate the "Fraction Plate" materials that you prepare so they can be used during fraction and proability lessons year after year
Classroom Considerations
  • Send home letters asking parents to lend different board games for students to explore during this unit on probability
  • Lessons assume children are familiar with representing fractions as parts of a circle
  • Lessons engage children with meaningful contexts and hands-on activities relating to probability
  • Resource includes all necessary worksheets, templates, and other supporting materials
  • None