Drafting a Historical Fiction Narrative: The Wheelwright

Young writers use the four-square graphic organizer to draft the first, second, third, and fourth paragraphs of their historical fiction narratives on the wheelwright. The lesson promotes discussion and modeling of what makes a paragraph strong. The first and second paragraphs are written collaboratively, while the third is independently done. The fourth is meant for homework, but can be completed in class if time permits. 

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas

  • Add the work completed in this lesson to each person's on-going folder of research and writing worksheets
  • Assign anyone with unfinished paragraphs to complete as homework
Classroom Considerations

  • Keep in mind that class members will work through the lesson at different paces
  • Learners gather the wheelwright research during unit 2 of this module, and use it throughout the unit 
  • The fourth of 16 lessons in which learners write a historical fiction narrative; the activity is a continuation from the previous lesson, which prompts writers to fill in the plot graphic organizer

  • Promotes individuals to draw explicit information from a graphic organizer in order to prepare a piece of writing
  • Common Core designed
  • Resource is clearly outlined with lesson procedures and includes reproduclibles

  • None
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