Entrepreneurs in Mesopotamia

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While ancient Mesopotamia didn't have the TV show "Shark Tank," it was a time of entrepreneurship as workers began to specialize. Both individual workers and the societal structure encouraged individuals to consider how they could maximize their profit in the developing economy. A simulation that places pupils as textile artisans and background reading help learners understand how the economic structure developed and how it applies to the modern world. 

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Use the collaborative activity to explore the rewards and challenges of entrepreneurship in Mesopotamia
  • Extend the game through a class discussion on risk and reward in modern economics
Classroom Considerations
  • Fifth of 23 lesson plans from the Council for Economic Education
  • Activity and reading are adaptable to a variety of learners
  • Hands-on game is interesting to a diverse group of pupils
  • PowerPoint slide essentially repeats a chart in the handout
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