Erosion and Deposition

Get an in-depth look into erosion and deposition with a 23-slide presentation that details how gravity, water, waves, wind, and glaciers cause changes to the Earth's surface. Each slide consists of detailed images equipped with labels, real-life pictures, and thorough explanations. 

20 Views 32 Downloads NGSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • For scholars who are absent the day of instruction, assign the screencast to catch them up on current information 
  • Give leaners the note-taking pages to follow along and write key details from the presentation 
  • Assign the worksheet as homework; provide learners with lecture nptes for assistance 
Classroom Considerations

  • The presentation is designed to accompany a curriulum chapter, but can be implemented on its own or with another currilum covering the same topic 

  • A screencast is provided in which the speaker speaks at a slower rate 
  • Detailed lecture notes and slide print-outs with space to take notes are available for student use 
  • The worksheet's answer key is included 

  • The worksheet's answer key is hand-written; some sections are difficult to read