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There's nothing as satisfying as a crunchy carrot or a juicy apple! Teach your middle and high schoolers about healthy eating habits with a set of nutrition activities. After analyzing the model of the food pyramid, learners apply the structure to a typical school lunch, and create foldables to reflect their new knowledge of healthy eating choices.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Display the foldables during Open House or a parents' night
  • Host a healthy banquet for your class or grade level, full of nutritious foods that class members might not be eating on a daily basis
  • Encourage learners to keep a food journal over the course of a week, and categorize what they ate in that time period into the appropriate food groups
Classroom Considerations
  • Includes minimal instructions for implementation, but you can use the materials for your own purposes with the instructions that are provided
  • Resource was created in 2007, so it is missing many of the changes that have been made to the food pyramid model
  • The last page of the resource is the first page of the next activity, without the rest of it
  • Promotes healthy and mindful eating habits
  • Games and activities are fun and engaging for all learners
  • Format of the file does not allow you to click on the attachment links; some of which provide important materials (templates, extension activities, etc.)