Fractions—Basic Ideas

This Fractions—Basic Ideas handout & reference also includes:

What are fractions? Find out using a reference page and video that goes in depth on how to make fractions equivalent, write fractions in simplest form, convert improper fractions into mixed numbers, and vice versa. Following the detailed information and images, check for understanding with a seven question exercise.  

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Instruct class members to keep pages in an easily accessible location, such as their math notebook for quick referencing 
  • As a class or small group, go through pages highlighting or underlining key details 
  • Send a copy with the video link home for parents or caregivers to have on hand when fraction support is needed
Classroom Considerations

  • Some terms and spelling patterns are specific to the United Kingdom

  • Information is detailed and accompanied by visual models 
  • Important details are highlighted using separate boxes and graphics

  • Very little space is provided for learners to show work in the exercise portion of the pages