Hidden Rules: Conversation

This Hidden Rules: Conversation worksheet also includes:

Ever spoken with someone who monopolized the conversation? Explain to learners the benefits of giving others a chance to speak and balancing a conversation with this set of worksheets. Pupils discuss the ways in which you can show your interest and maintain focus, as well as consider how friends and others would perceive the chance to speak equally. 

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Consider a role-playing activity in which two students demonstrate a balanced conversation, or an assignment for which learners must write a script or dialogue between two individuals who are respectfully participating in a discussion

  • Concept is thoroughly covered in the four worksheet pages
  • Questions would also serve as excellent discussion or writing prompts

  • The second page requires color for learners to indicate green light, yellow light, and red light; however, the resource is only offered in black and white (have learners color in the appropriate shades before beginning the worksheet) 
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