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How Do Focus Groups Work?

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Do you have a favorite candy bar? Or cereal? Or brand of ice cream? You may be an ideal participant in a focus group! A short, informative video teaches high schoolers about the history of focus groups in both the political and advertising world, as well as the ways they discern the psychology behind consumer preferences.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Have class members run focus groups from members of another grade about particular school policies, prizes in a fundraiser, or decisions for the school government to make
  • Include in a lesson about types of research and the psychology of surveys
  • Try to find videos or reports of real focus groups for products with which learners are familiar
Classroom Considerations
  • Assessment pops up right after the video is finished
  • Provides a quick assessment and discussion questions
  • Breaks down a complicated topic in an understandable way
  • None
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