How to Write an Apology Poem

Put a silly spin on making amends with an apology poem. Budding poets think of a time they were made to apologize although they didn't mean it. They then turn their experience into a poem that offers details and ends with an explanation of why the action was worth it. 

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Research additional poems by William Carlos Williams
  • Have authors share their work with the class as a whole or in small groups using cooperative learning strategies 
  • Instead of writing an insincere apology, direct pupils to give a real apology through a poem when they are having a difficult time getting along with someone
Classroom Considerations

  • The plan is written for class members to follow; however, it can also be lead by a teacher 

  • Includes two examples  
  • Encourages participants to have fun 
  • Adds humor to a generally serious topic

  • Example poems are displayed in a light colored font that may be hard to read