Isomers of (E)-but-2-ene

One chemical formula—but how many different structures? Familiarize young chemists with the concept of isomers through simple, related games. Users identify each isomer base upon its name, structure, and type of isomerization in a set of four puzzles.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Teachers can use the resource in a focused study of (E)-but-2-ene or a general look at types of isomerization
  • As a warm-up activity, have the class examine the isomers in 3-D 
Classroom Considerations

  • Point out that pupils should examine the requirements of the puzzles carefully before beginning, as the lesson uses different properties throughout

  • Resource helps pupils get comfortable with isomers of a common molecule
  • The puzzles are printable for last-minute lessons or early finishers

  • None