I've Been Branded!

How many pairs of Nikes® or Apple® products are in the average American home? What makes someone buy one particular type of laundry detergent over another? Scholars grapple with these questions as they develop a list of brands they use regularly and then create a digital word cloud to showcase the results.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Have individuals catalog some of their belongings at home in advance to facilitate creating the list
  • Ask pupils to research the advertising techniques of various companies to see if there is a correlation between popular brands and their marketing strategies
Classroom Considerations

  • To prepare for the lesson, create a branded example to share with the class at Wordle.net/create
  • Requires computers, Internet access, and Microsoft PowerPoint (or a similar program)
  • Some sensitivity considerations for students of families with financial/socioeconomic insecurities

  • The guidelines and tips for creating a Wordle are clear and very thorough 
  • Links popular culture with learning for an enjoyable, hands-on activity 

  • There are no questions provided for analyzing the data