Listening for Main Idea and Supporting Details

This Listening for Main Idea and Supporting Details lesson plan also includes:

Did you hear that? It's the main idea! Teach your class listening and note-taking strategies for determining the main idea by following the steps provided in this plan.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Use the note page for each text, and for any text that follows; learners can move from listening to reading and still use the same page
  • Provide some sentence frames to support pupils as they take notes
Classroom Considerations
  • While the sentence strips are provided, they are printed very close to one another on the page, which will make them difficult to cut; consider typing up a new version or simply highlighting one line on each page
  • This plan was designed with English language learners in mind, but is not limited to use with that population
  • The lyrics to "Follow the Drinking Gourd" are not included, but can be easily found with an Internet search
  • Comes with sentence strips for students to read, a note-taking form, handouts, and articles to analyze
  • Allows plenty of time for learners to practice and perfect their strategies for determining the main idea of a text
  • Some steps in the plan are vague and will need extra attention before teaching; for example, one step says to preteach key vocabulary in the provided text, but the vocabulary is not included
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