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Middle School Sampler: Science

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Focus on inquiry-based learning in your science class with a series of activities designed for middle schoolers. A helpful packet samples four different texts, which include activities about predator-prey relationships, Earth's axis and rotation, thermodynamics and temperature measurement, and dissolving particles of varying size.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Use the activities as they become relevant in your curriculum
  • Set up stations in your science class for small groups to cycle through, based on an inquiry-based focus in your unit
  • Assign the extension activities for homework or extra credit
Classroom Considerations
  • The packet contains sample from four texts: Doing Good Science in Middle School (Expanded 2nd Edition)Everyday Earth and Space Science Mysteries, Using Physical Science Gadgets & Gizmos, Grades 6–8, and Predict, Observe, Explain, which are all published by NSTA Press
  • Much of the packet contains tables of contents and indices that pertain to the rest of each textbook, and not directly to the included materials; disregard the information on these pages for planning purposes
  • Each lesson provides opportunities for differentiation, modification, and extension
  • Covers a wide variety of science concepts and skills, including data collection, evaluating claims, hands-on experiments, the scientific method, and reflection
  • None