Unit Plan

Opinion Argument Writing Packet

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This Opinion Argument Writing Packet unit plan also includes:

You won't need much persuading to use an argumentative writing packet in your language arts class! With helpful reference pages, guided practice through the writing process, examples of opinion and argument writing, and a thorough six-week backwards planning model, the packet enhances even the most complete writing unit.

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas
  • Bring to a language arts professional development session to prepare teachers for a collaborative writing program
  • Use the activity on page 18 to prompt teachers in the same grade level to create consistent anchor papers
  • Project graphic organizers onto the board for learners to fill out together
Classroom Considerations
  • Anchored to California Common Core standards, but applicable to the Common Core standards in any state
  • Provides a sample rubric for fifth grade, indicating that the actual rubric is located in a separate packet, which is not available
  • Provides anchor papers for fourth and sixth grade
  • Prompts learners to assess their own learning and understanding according to the Common Core standards for writing, and the academic language associated with each standard
  • Demonstrates expectations and objectives for persuasive writing in grades K-12
  • Differentiates between persuasion and argument
  • Emphasizes the importance of the writing process
  • None