Paragraph Structure

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Make sure your writers have the buns and the meat in their paragraph burgers with paragraph exercises. The resource gradually leads up to individuals writing their own paragraphs, starting with identification exercises, moving on to a graphic organizer, and ending with the paragraph assignment.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Work on paragraphs for several days with these exercises; complete the initial activities as starters, fill in the graphic organizer during class, conduct a sharing session, and assign the final paragraph as homework
  • Use this as an assessment for paragraph structure knowledge and skills
  • Enrich the writing exercise by asking students to also add in appropriate transition words
Classroom Considerations
  • While a this is valid practice, the prompts and exercises may be out of context in relation to what your class is studying at the time
  • The complexity of each task builds upon the previous exercises
  • The hamburger is a fun image for students to keep in mind when writing paragraphs; however, the one drawn here has buns that may prove a bit small for some individuals
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