Projectile and Circular Motion, Torque

This Projectile and Circular Motion, Torque presentation also includes:

Introduce your young scholars to the concepts of circular motion, projectile motion, angular speed, simple harmonic motion, torque, center of mass, centripetal force, and Hooke's Law with a 86-slide presentation. The circular motion problem really threw me for a loop. 

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CCSS: Adaptable
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Instructional Ideas

  • Build a trebuchet as a class project
Classroom Considerations

  • Presentation comprehensively covers the topics and does not require a separate text
  • Requires prior knowledge of proofs and trigonometry
  • Presentation is the fourth in a series of 17.

  • Utilizes graphics your class can easily understand
  • Includes engaging guided practice problems

  • Broken web link to the monkey in a tree resource