The Blue Planet

What a neat interactive that interacts with the amount of water on Earth's surface. It begins with a brief audio introduction of the Blue Planet and how it got its name. Then, users click on the activity to play a game that calculates the probability that you will land on water over land in a spinning Earth model.   

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas

  • Hover over the Earth to read about latitude and other facts
  • Flip the classroom by having learners explore the interactive at home, coming to class ready to participate in the full lesson
  • Make a model or show examples of Take Action! posters
  • Incorporate into a study of Earth
Classroom Considerations

  • Assumes pupils are familiar with fraction and liquid measurements
  • Access to the educator resources requires entering an e-mail address
  • Audio enhances the interactive. Be sure to provide headphones
  • The interactive is part of a water series of eight

  • Comes with a science notebook worksheet for scientists to fill out as they explore the interactive
  • Provides tips for parents and educators

  • There is no way to quit the activity. Once you start playing, it must be finished before returning to the Blue Planet homepage, or by reloading the page