The Case Against "Good" and "Bad"

This The Case Against "Good" and "Bad" video also includes:

Good and bad are put on trial for covering up the truth with vague descriptions. How dare they lie like that! See if the presenter can convince your class to ban these words and replace them with more precise, descriptive, and trustworthy vocabulary. The narrator uses colorful words to demonstrate her point, which are in turn illustrated and animated to reflect the meaning of each word. The resource also includes additional questions and lesson ideas accessible through the menu on the right.

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CCSS: Adaptable

  • The additional questions are decent and provide assessment and extension opportunities
  • Learners will enjoy the narrator's fervor and the animator's eclectic style
  • Try out the flip option to customize the lesson for your particular class

  • While the narrator is engaging, she talks fast; this might frustrate some learners, especially since the animation moves just as fast as the narration