The Crucial Concentration

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Which sports drink provides the best pick-me-up after the big game or grueling workout? It may not be the one you'd think! Food science is the focus in a surprising lab activity. Pupils use colorimetry to determine the amount of protein, rather than carbohydrates, present in three sports drinks. The lesson also includes information about the food science career, essential nutrients for good health, and creating standard curves from colorimetry data.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Perform the colorimeter demonstration to get the class comfortable with its function as well as with analyzing the data obtained from it
  • Analyze additional foods to illustrate the methods used for carbohydrates and other important nutrients
Classroom Considerations

  • Meets the standards set forth for AP Chemistry classes


  • The use of sports drinks as the subject matter is impactful and relevant for students in this age group
  • Teacher's guide contains helpful hints for executing the lab, printable materials, and extension resources

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