The New Anatomy: Crash Course History of Science #15

This The New Anatomy: Crash Course History of Science #15 video also includes:

How did scientists move beyond the medical ideas of Galen? Dissect the past with the 15th installment in a History of Science video series. Topics include Vesalius' dissections, the microscope, and mapping the human body.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Add the video to the beginning of a body systems unit or anatomy class
  • Have the class read about von Leeuwehoek's animalcules before a lesson on protozoa
Classroom Considerations

  • The subject matter, including dissection and vivisection, could be disturbing to some students

  • Amazing and informative, the resource illustrates major advances in understanding plant and animal anatomy
  • The video is a great tool for illustrating the power of observation

  • None
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