The Roll Out Fractions Game: Comparing Fractions

This The Roll Out Fractions Game: Comparing Fractions activity & project also includes:

Reinforce the concept of comparing fractions with a hands-on, two-player game that calls for a visual model, score board, and dice. Players roll dice to acquire their given fraction, create the fraction using fraction tiles, then compare them to identify the smaller of the two. 

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Guide learners through the creation of fraction strips using construction paper 
  • Make a class game center; leave game pieces and fraction strips in an accessible location for pupils to play when time permits 
  • Recreate figure diagrams on chart paper for a larger sized reference tool 
Classroom Considerations

  • Color copies are recommended if printing figures directly from the page
  • Class members should be familiar with comparing fractions and how to make equivalent fractions

  • Game instructions are written clearly and in detail 
  • Scenarios to support pupil-teacher interactions are provided

  • Pages intended for print are not pictured on a separate page, making size and practicality a challenge